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Tuscon University in the Limelight

Tuscon University Placed 3rd in the Latest e-MBA Rankings by World Academic Ranking

In their latest Top Ranked Online Programs ratings, World Academic Ranking ranked Tuscon University 3rd for its advanced e-MBA Program. Only 20 most popular online MBA Programs could make it to the coveted rankings list that's released every year with a careful selection of the best available online programs. Read more >


Tuscon University Hosted "Culture and Politics" Webinar for International Students

June 13, 2014: In a move to utilize its excellent online resources for the betterment of international relations, Tuscon University held a comprehensive webinar for its ever-expanding class of Politics students. This webinar focused on examining the many crucial topics of Culture and Politics, and what impact each has on the other in the context of the present volatile global scenario.Read more >

Over 89% Tuscon University Students Get Jobs Just After Graduation

June 10, 2014: Despite an escalating rate of unemployment in the world, more than 89 percent graduates of Tuscon University manage to find jobs every year in leading and international companies within only six months of their graduation. Read more >

Student Services Become Top Reason for Student Enrollment at Tuscon University

June 06, 2014: Students across the world have their own reasons for showing their interest in Tuscon University. Some of them find its advance online programs extremely helpful for their careers and for some its engaging online learning system becomes a reason behind their selection of the university. However, it has now also been revealed that a huge number of students are opting for Tuscon University due to its student-centered services. Read more >

Tuscon University Retains Membership of a Top Accreditation Council

June 04, 2014: Tuscon University, one of the top online universities in the world, is proud to announce that its online learning platform has retained accreditation from a leading and established accreditation council for five more years. Read more >

Nearly 93.3% Students Rate Tuscon University amongst the Best Worldwide

May 30, 2014: A recent online survey report has revealed that Tuscon University has managed to receive one of the top rankings for student satisfaction, outperforming other online universities across the world. Read more >